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      Fire control knowledge

      firePropaganda of knowledge about what, what in life is to we mainly master, everyone is learning now below small make up for the clean about2016In fire control propaganda and the knowledge of the respect, for your reference.

      Fire control propaganda knowledge, correct piled straw

      Indoor should not be piled straw, if necessary, also should as far as possible to save, straw must not piled up on the stove, with stove, chimney, lamps, etc. Keep a certain distance, don't put Chai Caodui door, outdoor open-air piled straw, stacking shoulds not be too big, between pile and pile should have fire separation, firewood haystack to stay away from buildings, warehouses, livestock shed, etc, so as not to affect each other, and don't chock on high voltage overhead line or close to the side of the road and people often place, in case of edm and pedestrian throw cigarette butts cause fire.It is forbidden to the wild fire.

      Knowledge of fire control propaganda and education children don't play with fire

      Parents should put matches, lighters, etc kindling in the children's reach, reducing the likelihood of children play with fire.To education of children not in public places, factories, construction site near the set off firecrackers, not in grain and cotton warehouses, livestock shed, Chai Caodui, carpentry room near combustible materials such as fireworks, not at home or in furnace set off firecrackers and fireworks to launch, don't toward building, not to the man.Fall to watch fireworks, fireworks, firecrackers paper found have embers to stamp out immediately.

      Three fire control propaganda and knowledge, prevent fire caused by smoking

      Caused by smoking do not pay attention to the fire, of the total number of rural fire about5.4%, don't look down upon a small cigarette butts, when it is burning with surface temperature2000C— 3000C, the center temperature of7000CLeft and right sides, can ignite paper, cotton, hemp yarn, cloth, rubber, wood shavings, etc.It is dangerous to smoke everywhere, throw cigarette butts, so smoking, to finish with a matchstick, absorption of cigarette butts left out and then throw it away;Don't throw cigarette butts, dept. of fireworks, don't put the lighted on flammable, don't lie on the bed or on kang smoking, do not use and store in the place of gasoline, kerosene, warehouse, carpentry room and smoking is forbidden in the barn, hay, and other places to smoke.

      Red candle fire control propaganda knowledge, prevent fire

      Fires caused by lights, happens quite often in the countryside, this closes the cause of the fire, usually because of equipment is not good, or is placed and improper use, so should be paid attention to when using the lamp lighting

      (1)Lamp candle should be placed down the place not easily, leading away from the lights went out;

      (2)Do not use straw or grain rod into the torch lighting;

      (3)Gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, gunpowder stored flammable items such as warehouse can't use flame lighting.

      Five, pay attention to using the fire fire prevention fire control propaganda and knowledge

      Both heating and cooking, cooking range, brazier, must be in place, with wooden walls, the wood floor, the bed and other fuel to keep a certain distance, use when someone to look after, not only should pay attention to safety in the process, with fire with fire after take out the ash, also must be extinguished embers and then pour in the safe locations, damp down brick or tin stove door stop good, clean and put in front of the stove straw.To do these things is very simple, but once the negligence, can cause serious consequences, in addition, the stove, a pit of fire, chimney often should check, found that cracks should be repaired in a timely manner.

      Fire control propaganda and note fire prevention, use of farm machinery knowledge

      1, agricultural machinery should be regular inspection and maintenance, the engine and fuel tank must be kept clean, brushed try oil are not allowed to be used when the gasoline;

      2, check the open flame is strictly prohibited during maintenance cleaning parts, smoking should be banned, when hot;After the cleaning, should be timely put waste in with cover oil drum, and terminal;

      3, check engine carburetor, prevent tempering occurred in the job site;In wheat field, play NianChang and operation of agricultural machinery in the yard, the exhaust pipe to be installed on the flameproof enclosure;

      4, no matter what the season, agricultural machinery starts, flame grilled cars are not allowed to use;Homework to have good lighting at night;While parked for a long period of time, net is put the fuel tank, battery should be removed to store.

      5, when loaded with fuel, cannot use the gasoline, diesel oil directly to the tank filling plastic clothes.